Kaunas Hotel

Laisvės aleja 79
Kauno m. sav.
No. of beds: 170


The Hotel Kaunas is not only a new and modern Hotel but it also has a convenient location and excellent staff. It is situated in the city's downtown - Laisvės avenue. Its location is ideal for those who come to Kaunas on business or for pleasure since its area is surrounded by cultural, commercial and financial objects and it takes just several minutes to reach the old town.

There is a great deal of details, which are invisible, however create the thing we call real comfort. We devote key attention to the safety of our guests. It is quiet and homey inside the hotel since the designers and constructors of the Hotel had to fullfill the requirement to decrease the permeability of noise to a minimum extent.

The staff members are thoroughly selected, they are regularly trained and encouraged to work well. We are eager to help you in any case and arrange activity that your stay here would be unforgettable.

We believe that the advertising for the Hotel - satisfied guests who'll come back or recommend the Hotel to other people.

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1 - местные 104 €
2-х местные 127 €
3-х местные 174 €
Cвит 145 €


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