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If you want to get away from the noise of the city and intensive life, if you want to see nature through your window, if you want fresh air, signing birds and forest animals as unexpected visitors in your yard, if you feel the need to contemplate, reminisce surrounded by nature this is the perfect place for you.
The forest, mushrooms, berries, lakes, Druskininkai and the whole Dzukija are at hand....

Or maybe you want to achieve maximum relaxation during a short weekend, celebrate some important event not in a typical party, but with family or friends surrounded by nature, feeling the atmosphere of a village of Lithuania in authentic style modern cottages in the depth of a forest straight near Druskininkai in Vertamedis.
With all the said values you will not miss the things that you are used to in your everyday life: conveniences and comfort. This timbered cottage is equipped with modern equipment with a full set of conveniences: showers, baths, kitchens with modern technology domestic appliances, audio and video equipment, TV, washing machines and of course, BBQ.

More about the conveniences offered by the cottages:

• At request you will be provided with bedding with towels, robes and slippers.
• In winter the house retains heat of the furnace and heated floors excellently. It is a real pleasure on coming back from winter entertainment and coming in from biting cold to stand on a warm floor and enjoy the heat spreading from feet to the whole body...
• Bedrooms are equipped with electric heaters for quick warming of the rooms.
• Bathrooms and showers are equipped with electric radiators.
• If your party is over 6 people – no problem there will be enough space to sleep for everyone. We will provide an inflatable mattress and inflatable sofa for comfortable sleep of extra 3 to 6 persons on I or II floors of a house smelling of wood and nature.
• The windows of the house are covered with nets, protecting from an “invasion” of insects, you will not be annoyed by flies in the morning, mosquitos in the evening or wasps and bees during the period of collecting honey.
• This apartment is suitable to rest for families with child
• The houses are equipped with fire and burglar alarms.
• Just 4 km to Druskininkai and all facilities and entertainments of this pretty resourt
• Just 4 km to Druskininkai tourism info centre
• Just 5 km to Druskininkai Aquapark and all SPA centres
• Sovietic sculptures park Grutas is just a walk through the forest away
• Just 1,5 km to Grutas Lake
• Just 0,7 km to bicycles road
• There are possibility to rent 2 bicycles
More about Druskininkai resourt entertainments and frequent visiting places you'll find in,
125 km from Vilnius airport;
125 km from Vilnius railstation;
5 km from town Drusikininkai busstation;
It is on way Vilnius - Hrodno, 120 km (Belarussia)
Google maps:,21.884766&spn=7.471335,23.203125&z=6

The kitchen is fully equipped with modern appliances, dishes and instruments for cooking. You will find even the main products for cooking: flour, pasta, grits, oil, spice, coffee, tea and, of course, salt and sugar. And all of this is for free! As you are in Dzukija, where hospitality is exceptional trait of the people of this region. In bad weather or heat the favourite steak or pie cooked in the modern oven will improve your mood and please your stomach. It will be a real treat for yourself and your friends, if you decide to enjoy the pleasures provided by the kitchen.

The terrace is a real heaven for relaxing, drinking in the coffee or spending an evening with a steak and a cup of tea... After rain the larch terrace spreads an especially active and nice smell of wood similar to that in a village woodshed after just filling it with freshly chopped wood...

There are 3 bedrooms in the house: 1 pass-through, 2 isolated. Both isolated bedrooms are on the II floor. These rooms on the II floor have a bathroom with a bath, WC, washing machine. There is a 4 section French window in bedroom “Aguona”. It expands the space of the room to the skies allowing you to watch the stars at night, to follow flocks of leaving admire the sunset... There is a double bed in “Aguona”, which is suited for both children and adults; there is also the possibility to sleep beside the bed on an inflatable mattress. In this room you will enjoy sleep until late morning, as the sleep will be improved not only by the small of wood, fresh air, but also by the pleasures of the bath and the comfortable bed.
Living-room Bedroom
There is a sofa in the living room connected to the kitchen on the ground floor, where 2-3 people can also enjoy a good night’s sleep. This room is the centre of activities of the whole party, here is the furnace, here you discuss the plans for the day, here you taste the meals, watch television, and listen to music.

Dining room
It is right beside the kitchen between two windows of the cottage. Through the windows you can see the forest and the meadow – the view that calms you down and heals you. Eating becomes a real pleasure ritual; everything is digested well as we are healed by Mother Nature...

And more
Here you are loved by Nature, love her back... It is so fragile and helpless, as this poppy flower by the cottage, pleasing the eye for just a few days and then turning into a dried up fragile grass...
The Love of Mother Nature is so powerful that even a few days can be enough to heal a wounded soul, disrupted harmony of emotions, a “frozen” heart...
Accept the gift of calm and strength from Lithuanian village, which you will receive while staying at Vertamedis.


Approximate prices:
For weekend (from Friday to Sunday):
From 75 Lt / person
For long time rent:
Negotiated individual prices
Contact person:
Ph. Nr. +370 686 75667

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