Villa Nõva

Vaisi küla, Nõva vald
Tel.:+ 372 56571710


Our villa is situated in the Nõva county in the Western Estonia. Lanscape in here is consisting of wetlands, swamps and small lakes, huge (in Estonian scale) forest masses and sandy beaches. Absolutely clean beach in here is well known for it's singing sands and local pine forest is unique and untouched. Nõva county lies on the territory of three nature reserve areas: Nõva landscape reserve area, Läänemaa Suursoo (Westlan's Big Swamp) landscape reserve area and Leidissoo nature reserve area. The wildlife of birds and animals in the forests of Nõva is impressive!
Our Villa is located at the 3 ha garden area, which is surrounded by an artificial river that is from 1,5 up to 3 meters deep. The housing consists of main house (630 m2), sauna house (168,6 m2), small guest house (80 m2) and mill (90 m2).

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