Bella Villa

Atzalyno 7
Vilniaus r. sav.
No. of beds: 7


Bellavilla is a newly built country house, located in the fashionablesuburban neighborhood which lies in close proximity of the Pasilacialmicro-district.The architectural design of the house, is distinctly Mediterraneanwhich bodes well with the classically refined interior that features anelegant dining room along with a lovely romantic fireplace. In-keepingwith the high standards set within the house, the exterior benefitsfrom a well maintained landscaped garden composed of tall and mediumsized green hedges, flower beds and a luxuriously manicured green lawn.Continuing with the luxurious theme, this spacious green gardencontains a decorative reservoir with floating water lilies, a courtyard and a barberque place for you to entertain the family and yourguests.With your service in mind, the family are located in the same town soif you need their assistance, they will be more than happy to oblige.

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