Sudervės g. 10
Vilniaus m. sav.
Voodikohti: 25


“BAJORŲ UŽEIGA” has 25 comfortable andinexpensive three star modern rooms. All of them have TV set, telephone andshower. There are single, double, triple and business class rooms in hotel. 53guests may stay here at once. Parking ground of 0,220 hectares is near thehotel, it is close, equipped with video surveillance system, therefore, it isconvenient to arrive here by bus, automobile or camper van. After sightseeingin Vilnius andhaving familiarised with city and its outskirts nature guests may successfullycontinue the trip to Rigaor Kaunas.Various events, seminars and presentations are arranged at hotel. Sauna,swimming pool and billiards are available for rest. Our hotel gives you anexcellent opportunity to escape from city’s uproar for a day, or just for somehours and enjoy quietness after hard work or tiring meeting.

Cosy hotel café with historical elementswill meet you. Service, menu and unique taste of dishes will pleasantlysurprise everyone. You’ll have the desire to arrive here once more. Café hasseveral halls where jubilees, wedding parties, furchette and other parties maybe arranged.

Hotel and café-bar “BAJORŲ UŽEIGA” islocated on the outskirts of Vilnius, at Sudervės 10, AVIŽIENIAI, close to thehighway Vilnius-Panevėžys-Riga A2 (E 272), at the northern Vilnius circuitAvižieniai-Sudervė-Dūkštos-Vievis-Kaunas 171, 108, A1 (E85).

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